Purchasing a Kegelmaster® is one of the smartest decisions you will ever make. 


Kegelmaster 2000  The Kegelmaster is the only true progressive resistance vaginal exerciser in the world. It is a precision device designed to increase the strength and tone of the Pubococcygeal (PC or "kegel") muscles.

     The thesis upon which the Kegelmaster is based is that every woman could benefit from kegel exercises but it is difficult to do them correctly, they are a singularly boring activity in that conventional kegel exercises provide no positive reinforcement, nor are "kegel squeezes" a resistance exercise.  Using the Kegelmaster is amazingly beneficial. In many cases initial results can be felt virtually instantaneously.


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Among the features of the Kegelmaster are:

  • It's pleasurable to use-described by one woman as "the most relaxing exercise I've ever done."

  • Utilizing basic dynamic resistance exercise principles, it allows the user to easily isolate the correct pelvic floor muscles and exercise them against adjustable resistance.

  • It's easy to use and to develop a routine, unlike other devices such as Femtone®, FPT®, Kegelcisor®, etc. which use weights, barbells, etc.

  • It's economical.  The Kegelmaster lasts a lifetime. An incontinence sufferer can easily spend $2000 a year on products such as diapers, pads, pharmaceuticals, etc. What is the value to a pregnant woman of strengthening the muscles used in delivery? For women using it to enhance their sex lives, the sexual benefits are dramatic and likewise immeasurable. The above mentioned products such as Femtone® all cost more than the Kegelmaster, they have no guarantee, and they don't work as well!

  • The product is safe. It is as safe and beneficial as any exercise. Physicians across the U.S. are now learning about and recommending the Kegelmaster.

  • There is positive feedback as one moves through the 15 different progressive strength settings.

  • The Kegelmaster is easy to clean, durable, no maintenance. All metal parts are made of stainless steel. Your entire routine of using and then cleaning the Kegelmaster takes no more than 10 minutes every other day.

Among the Benefits of using the Kegelmaster:

  • Makes childbirth easier and reduces chances of postnatal complications.

  • Guaranteed to stop and prevent female urinary incontinence.

  • Sexual benefits for females (and their mates when applicable) that surpass Viagra® for men.

     Throughout the spectrum of the entire health related professions, Kegel exercises are universally recommended for women ranging from the elderly and infirm to women in Lamaze classes. The Kegelmaster is an ingenious natural extension and progression of the work of Dr. Arnold Kegel.

A leading luminary in the field of incontinence assessed the Kegelmaster as follows:

  • The Kegelmaster is similar in principle to the dynamometer used in physical therapy to exercise the hand grip.
  • I think it is the easiest, most versatile and most accessible exercise device available today for vaginal and pelvic floor exercises.
  • The best of all, the Kegelmaster isolates the muscles that need to be exercised.
  • The primary benefit of the Kegelmaster device is that it stretches the vaginal/pelvic floor muscles after every contraction, thus exercising them from the full stretch to the full contraction-the best way to exercise the muscle tissue.
  • I have not found a simpler and more user-friendly device.
  • I believe that all women can substantially benefit from using it,
    particularly those that have stress or urge urinary incontinence."

Kegelmaster™ WorldWide, is the premier distributor for this groundbreaking device which has no equal. Call us at 1-(888) Kegelmaster for more information. We ship the same or the following business day, and include with your Kegelmaster™:

  • a full color instructional brochure
  • a free instructional video
  • a free durable fabric carrying bag/storage case
  • a 90 day no-questions asked moneyback guarantee
  • free unlimited customer support
We also make available a "second Device" which assists women, even those with the most stretched/damaged PC (pubococcygeus or "kegel") muscle, to "jumpstart the process" and identify and exercise the proper muscle from the very beginning (Details in the Discussion Forum)! It is impossible to overestimate the importance of muscle isolation and it's value in "kegel exercises" being effective. Using the Kegelmaster™ in conjunction with this device makes this easy even if you've had trouble in the past. Most women can thrive with the Kegelmaster™. Based on Dr Arnold Kegel's studies, conducted under the most scientific conditions, over 90% of women can potentially be cured of urge (frequency) and stress incontinence.

Finally, at Kegelmaster WorldWide, we are sensitive to protecting your privacy and dignity.

Please bookmark www.kegelsrus.com and send to interested friends and relatives.

Beware of cheap, ineffective, fraudulent imitations! If it does not have 15 strength settings and does not have a completely adjustable knob, it is not a genuine Kegelmaster. There is no technique or competitive product at any price that compares to the genuine Kegelmaster. There are other products such as vaginal weights and cones that are tedious to use, and there are conventional "kegel exercises", likewise tedious, but there is nothing to rival the Kegelmaster and slowly but surely the world is finding out!

We also operate a website for male incontinence (non-profit)

In February, 1999 U.S. Patent #5,865,715 was issued for the Kegelmaster 2000
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